Junction 1.a point where two or more things are joined. RAMSAYARCHITECTS is the junction of father and son. We are founded on the concept of the junction which guides us through our projects. We believe this concept encompasses our core values that we aim to carry through all our projects, forcing us to ask the important questions, regardless of scale, function, construction type, or budget. Architecture to us is the interface between the human and built environment. We see a building and immediately we are able to identify the type of building it is. Form and materials effects our senses in uniques ways through what we see, touch, feel, smell. Each contributing to a unique spatial experience when we enter a room: the point where architecture collides with the senses is memorable architecture, ultimately the key to creating architecture that lasts. A building performs a fundamental role in our daily lives. Whether in its most simple form: a shelter, a place to work, or a place to meet and gather, fundamentally it is the junction, the relationship between the person and the structure they inhabit, that is our driver. Creating a meaningful junction is essential for maximising the potential of a site, and investment. Architecture looks to the bigger picture of the relation between the city and the people who inhabit it. Each piece of architecture has a role in defining a city, regardless of scale. Architecture has the role of mediator between the natural and build environment, without balance, we can’t enjoy either. Architecture evolves in its surrounding landscape and looking at how a building will age and remain flexible, durable and timeless is an important principle to RAMSAYARCHITECTS. In a studio sense, the junction, or collaboration, of co workers, professionals, and clients creates a rounded, well informed solution to the most complex of problems.
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